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Capital One Performing Arts Center

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  • Masonry MaterialsScaffolding
  • LocationTysons Corner, VA
  • General ContractorWhiting Turner
  • ArchitectHGA, Inc
  • Property OwnerCapital One

Project Overview

Calvert was the onsite scaffolding vendor for the granite & stone contractor, R. Bratti, Inc

The Capital One Performing Arts Center (now known as Capital One Hall) is part of Capital One Center campus development in Tysons VA, home of Capital One Headquarters.  This facility will include two (2) theaters, a 250-seat rooftop amphitheater, a grand foyer and conference space.  Calvert Scaffolding was selected to furnish, erect and dismantle scaffolding necessary for exterior stone installation on the project.  Mast climbing scaffold system (FRACO) was chosen to accommodate the weight of building stone; a large stable platform to sort, predrill and rig units; and the ability to utilize crane arms to hoist materials from grade when out of forklift reach.  The building geometry and structure posed some unique scaffold challenges, including –

(a) the entire building perimeter, in plan, is a series of narrow diagonal in/out wall panels (referenced here as “sawtooth”), which required the support outriggers and scaffold boards to be set and cut, respectively, to follow the sawtooth configuration (see Figure 1); and

(b) with floor-to-floor heights over 40 feet in several areas, mast climber units were located to allow lateral ties to specific areas of the exterior skeleton wind frame (see Figure 2), and over the top into the roof structure (see Figure 3).

One building elevation was entirely set back above the 2nd floor terrace, with the space below prohibited from post shores due to retail fit out activities.  Calvert was able to engineer a load spread configuration using beams on the terrace to transfer loads to composite slab framework below (see Figure 4). 

Project Highlights

  • Fourteen (14) each FRACO ACT-8 Mast Climbing unit locations covering over 500 linear feet and 45,000 square feet of elevation face.
  • Approximately 200 each Scaffold Plank custom cut to fit sawtooth configurations.
  • Up to Five (5) each FRACO Crane Arms in service at any one time, to allow hoisting of large stone panels.