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DuMont Condominiums

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  • Masonry Materials150,000 CMU Units, 610,000 jumbo bricks, 6,000 glass block masonry units and 5,000 pieces of cast stone
  • LocationWashington, DC
  • General ContractorJames G. Davis Construction
  • ArchitectEsocoff & Associates
  • Property OwnerBroadway Management Company

Project Overview

The DuMont Condominiums contains fourteen floors of residential dwelling units constructed above four levels of below grade parking. Designed by Esocoff & Associates Architects for Broadway Management Co., the building façade includes curved faces and angular corners, multiple masonry veneer materials and integrated cast stone window surrounds and balcony/parapet cap stones.

Three different brick colors with corresponding mortar colors, ground face/split face concrete masonry units and glass block masonry units were installed on the building facade and sitework. In all, over 150,000 CMU units, over 610,000 jumbo size brick, over 12,000 ground face/split face CMU units and over 6,000 glass block masonry units were laid. In addition, Calvert also installed over 5,000 pieces of cast stone, consisting of handset and setting by machine or crane, several with welded connections. Extensive reviews, redesigns and coordination were required for flashing and air/vapor barrier for each masonry component and between the masonry and various skin components (e.g. receptor window systems, sheathing/Tyvek products, structure and roofing), in part due to the unique building geometry. In addition, an extensive scaffold system consisting of mast climbing and swing scaffolds was employed to accommodate the irregular geometry and 800 foot of facade.