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1200 East West Highway

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  • Masonry Materials325,000 oversized face brick and 14,000 Arriscraft cast stone
  • LocationSilver Spring, MD

Project Overview

The 1200 East West Highway residence is conveniently located near the Silver Spring Metro station, at the intersection of Blair Mill Road and East West Highway.  This intersection forms an acute angle formed by Blair Mill and East West Highway, and the site is constrained by two separate residence complexes, all of which are reflected in the building design of two towers connected at a skew. 

The façade for this 14-story, 247 living unit high rise combines two colors of face brick, with three colors of architectural CMU (Arriscraft) located at the lower floors and at bands around the building.  Special shaped Arriscraft units were also used for window sills on the project.  The site wall construction incorporates arriscraft, cast stone and split face concrete masonry units, and includes an elliptical plaza wall at the street intersection.  In all, over 325,000 oversized face brick and 14,000 Arriscraft were installed on the project. 

The site location and constraints referenced above created access and scaffolding challenges for the masonry construction.  Over 50% of the building perimeter is inaccessible by heavy lifting equipment, requiring significant coordination in the creation of access pathways through the building as well as special arrangements with neighboring properties to erect and dismantle the mast climbing scaffold system used on the project.  The scaffold system had to be adapted to the acute angles, curved faces and protruding balconies of the building.  In addition, due to delays with the utility company in installing equipment vaults at Blair Mill Road, Calvert was required to design and erect a shoring platform extending over 20 feet deep to support our material hoist and landing location.