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Georgetown University Performing Arts Center

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  • LocationWashington, DC

Project Overview

The Georgetown University Performing Arts Center, constructed in the midst of the University campus, presents an imposing presence while blending with the historic surroundings. The three story brick and cast stone structure with the stage house gallery tower rising some forty feet above the main building roof line has a veneer made up of two colors of brick with vertical columns of sawtooth brick and horizontal cast stone bands.

The Architectural design required a main pattern area with six added special condition pattern areas and incorporated combinations of recessed and projecting brick, brick shapes and contrasting color brick The majority of the interior partitions were load bearing concrete masonry units typically fully grouted for structural and acoustical reasons. These walls were exposed for paint finishes. The Main Entrance Lobby was accentuated by a 100 foot long architectural split face concrete masonry wall.

The site is bordered by a step hill side, two existing university buildings and a cemetery on the north. These site conditions presented delivery, storage and staging challenges for our masonry crews. In addition there was an extraordinary amount of electrical conduit which had to be built into the fully grouted walls which required significant cutting and detailing. All these challenges were overcome and we are proud of our role in furnishing this project to Georgetown University.