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901 H Street

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  • LocationWashington, D.C.
  • General ContractorWCS Construction
  • ArchitectTorti Gallas & Partners|Architects

Project Overview

901 H Street is a nine story Mixed Use building that sits just north of the US Capital and includes 419 residential apartments and 54,000 sf of retail space that spans two DC city blocks. The design incorporates a multitude of facades which provide a unique look to various sections of the building.

The building includes numerous types of brick, colored mortar and precast stone. The masonry design of the building incorporates specifically different masonry design components and colors to create an appearance of an assembly of distinctly different buildings. The building includes 6 different brick colors made by 4 manufactures and supplied by 2 brick suppliers. The total of which is 840 thousand brick units. There are also 4 distinctly colors of precast for a total of 290 cubic yards that numbered 5, 965 separate pieces. The duration of veneer install was 9 months that when at maximum production capacity required a crew size of over 100 workers.

The masonry details include over 13,000 sq feet of CMU back up walls with brick veneer located on the west, south and east ground floor elevations. There also 18 self-supporting brick veneer arches. The self-supporting arches were made offsite in three pieces and assembled in place. The 8 steel supporting arches have 2” projections that required support forms to install. Hung precast stone soffits were installed on the east and north ground floor retail entrances. CMI provided the design, engineering, steel support members and install of the 410 linear feet of hanging precast soffits. We provided polished granite at the pier bases on the east, north and west elevations.