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Project Engineer I

Project Engineer I

Project Engineer will work under the direct supervision of a Vice President(s) and/or experienced Project Manager(s) for task work on a specific project or projects, inclusive of some or all of the below-listed responsibilities; as experience level progresses, the Project Engineer will begin to take control of specific responsibilities and/or areas of assigned project(s) consistent with progress, with oversight from a Vice President and/or experienced Project Manager.


  • Prepare AUTOCAD shop drawings inclusive of Scaffold Layouts and Details, Air Barrier/Flashing.
  • Prepare submittals compliant with contract documents and details, including deviations favorable and/or necessary for masonry; diligently pursue approvals in advance of schedule needs;
  • Thoroughly review contract drawings and prepare Requests for Information to resolve conflicts and areas that lack detail, and post responses on Calvert drawing sets;
  • Review General Contractor generated RFI’s for changes to contract and post information as applicable;
  • Obtain coordination information from General Contractor and other trades to insure proper interface with masonry work, post pertinent information for field use, and periodically communicates with foreman, General Contractor and other subs to minimize conflicts;
  • Monitor quality and productivity through regular jobsite visits, and pursue timely resolution with job foreman and superintendent;
  • Generate, maintain and distribute project control logs and reports, inclusive of submittal register, RFI and Change logs, production and monthly reports;
  • Quantify project material requirements by way of independent take-offs and/or estimate reports as required; pursue pricing from multiple sources and negotiates most favorable pricing using historical data and economies of scale; prepare purchase order documents and place orders in advance of project needs;
  • Review and process invoices timely for Accounts Payable action, including jobsite review of tier-subcontractors’ progress, and resolution of delivery and price discrepancies with material suppliers;
  • Prepare billing Schedule of Values and progress billings favorable to cash flow needs, and diligently pursue approvals and outstanding payments;
  • Assist foreman and superintendent at jobsite as necessary for layout and inventory reconciliation, and for explanation of details, plan changes and material orders;
  • Report and follow-up for any observed safety concerns (e.g. fall protection, scaffold stability, equipment audio/visual warning devices) during site visits;
  • Monitor masonry schedule and sequencing for compliance with project schedule and for profitable manpower and equipment levels; identify and address General Contractor and other trades’ progress or actions that adversely impact Calvert’s progress and work;
  • Identify and provide timely notice of changed conditions affecting Calvert’s price and time of performance; quantify and price changes timely with all job factors and conditions taken into consideration, and diligently pursue negotiation and signed change orders for payment;
  • Bring issues to prompt resolution; prepare necessary information for corporate officer to resolve at next level if required;
  • Prepare area quantity and manpower estimates as required for field use and production/schedule tracking.


In addition to the above, and to assist in training the Project Engineer on specific knowledge of masonry materials and installation techniques, scaffold systems and requirements, specific operational task assignments may also be made at discretion of Vice President, such as:

  • corporate equipment inventory and tracking;
  • price solicitation for equipment replacement and parts;

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