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Rain Screen Systems

Rain screen technology has extensively used in Europe since the mid 1980's, and is being given more consideration in the United States in conjunction with thermal performance, air and water vapor transmission, and LEED considerations.

A typical system will include exterior, weather resistant face material such as terra cotta, cast and natural stone, or metal and fiber cement panels, with air space and insulation between panels prevent driving rain from entering the cavity, yet allow air flow upward with the cavity to assist in keeping the cavity free of trapped moisture and heat.

Panels are locked into place with retaining clips and pressure gaskets, and the panel weight and wind load are transferred to the building structure by an engineered metal support system.  Traditional masonry veneer with increase vent spaces are also being smployed as rain screens. In 2009, Calvert Masonry successfully installed over 11,000 terra cotta panels on a twin 8-story building in Washington, DC's Waterfront District.